Douglas Liptopn – Scottish Poet

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  • Book Jacket image The Stone Sleeping Bag
    Cover: Kenny Morrison
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  • The Stone Sleeping-Bag

    Douglas Lipton's first collection of poetry, although his work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. The collection includes the long satirical poem 'The Flora and Fauna of an Independent Scotland' which was described by Scotland on Sunday as 'a witty and truthful catalogue of the dreich ark of Caledonia' and by the Scotsman as 'a tour-de-force...terse, irreverent and riddled with cheeky one-, two-, or three-liners [used] brilliantly to convey, sometimes lewdly, but always colourfully, a peculiar species of Scottish gallows humour'.

    'A Scots bestiary that hoaches with darkly delightful energies....'
    Robert Crawford, The Scotsman [of 'The Flora and Fauna of an Independent Scotland']

    '...a powerful portrayal of human suffering and hope, partly inspired by the Ruthwell Cross's 'Lay of the Holy Rood'. [of 'Songs for the Falling Angel]
    Alastair Warren, Dumfries & Galloway Standard

  • The Outside World book jacket
    Cover: Sarah Watson
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    Markings Press
  • The Outside World

    Includes 'Sexton Beetle' and 'Table'

    'Notable is Douglas Lipton's distinctive view of nature and the way he can invest the simplest things with a sense of awe.'
    John Hudson, Markings

    Markings Press
    1 Longacres Road
    DG6 4AT

  • Fairy Tales book jacket
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  • Fairy Tales

    Themes from J and W Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen Folk, Fairy and Household Tales drawn upon as a response to the Holocaust.

    '...Fairy Tales....reworks Grimm and Andersen with a ....devastating violence, as the poetic parables finish with the Holocaust'
    Richard Price, Southfields

  • Hale Bopp book jacket
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  • Hale-Bopp Poems

    Poems inspired by the phenomenon of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

    '....Douglas Lipton's Hale-Bopp Poems.....take us back to the fundamentals of creativity, our relationship with the big outside...'
    John Hudson, Markings

  • Chinese Spare Ribs book jacket
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    Edited by Douglas Lipton, this anthology gathers together the best entries to the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival's Young Poets Competition from 1994-98, for poets under 18 years old.

    'Expect the unexpected and the familiar, the strange and the recognisable. There are tears and laughter, delight and misery, love and hatred, plants and animals. There are poems on food, drink and drugs. There are poems on health and illness, local and international issues, friendships and enmities, gregariousness and isolation. There is innocence and experience, family life and loss, literature and politics, satire and celebration, war and peace. There is fantasy and lyricism. There is triumph and disaster. There are poems secular and spiritual.'

  • An Enclave in Eden by Douglas Lipton
    Cover artist Kirstin Young
    FIVE BOB OGRE PRESS, Dumfries, DG1 4AE or Douglas Lipton
  • An Enclave in Eden

    An Enclave In Eden comprises widely published but previously uncollected poems from the last decade of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st. The poems are about what goes wrong and what we spoil in an otherwise wonderful world of wonderful people and wonderful relationships. The title poem is located in Cyprus, an island heaven on earth agonisingly divided by its populations. Other poems concern the horrors of 1950s education in Scotland, the extinction of numerous species of bird and the lives of fascinating people. The themes underlying it all are regret that it might have turned out differently - if only - and hope that, still, it just might.

    Published by FIVE BOB OGRE, ISBN No.: 978-0-9562527-0-8; 100 pages.

  • The Aquarium by Doulgas Lipton
    Cover artist Kirstin Young
    FIVE BOB OGRE PRESS, Dumfries, DG1 4AE or direct from Douglas Lipton
  • The Aquarium

    A short sequence of poems about premature birth and death. The central image is of a tiny baby in an incubator - and how that resembles an aquarium - a glass tank on which technology an incredibly fragile life is utterly, pitifully dependent. The poems are about the loss of hope, death, grief and desolation.

    Published by FIVE BOB OGRE; ISBN No.: 978-0-9562527-1-5; 33 pages.

  • Lost Sister/Sora Pierdut?
    Cover: Helen Taylor
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  • Lost Sister/Sora Pierdută

    This selection comprises 29 poems in English (or Scots) and translated into Romanian by Adela Catană. There are also short essays, critical appreciations and notes in Romanian and English.

    Published by ORIZONT LITERAR CONTEMPORAN in it Bibliotheca Universalis series; ISBN No.: 978-606-13-2159-9; price €12.00 – 120 pages.

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  • The Aquarium by Doulgas Lipton
    Cover: Gopa & Ted2, Inc.
    £7.00 from
    Waterstones and The Yellow Door (Dumfries)
  • Ghost Maiden

    A collection of five long poems or poem sequences  (with notes) examining the lives of five ‘heroines’ – women at various stages in life. The collection offers the reader a world of substance, puzzles, ideas, challenges and great human warmth. This is a book to be lived with and cherished: a grand companion. Ghost Maiden is designed and type-set by Gopa & Ted 2, Inc. of Albuquerque, N.M., USA.

  • Lost Sister/Sora Pierdut?
    Cover: Gwen Adair and Gopa & Ted 2, Inc. £7.00 from
    Waterstones and The Yellow Door (Dumfries)
  • Rebel Beasts

    A selection of over 40 animal poems with a rebellious spirit, suitable for broad-minded parents and those with a glint in their eye and of 122 years of age and under. – Those over 122 should seek juvenile guidance. Lead illustrations and cover by Gwen Adair, augmented by other illustrations and designed and type- set by Gopa & Ted 2, Inc. of Albuquerque, N.M., USA.

  • The Aquarium by Doulgas Lipton
    Cover artist Douglas Lipton
    €10 from
  • ALIEN DRIFTWOOD/Lemnul Plutitor Străin

    24 poems in English and Romanian, some not previously collected or published, in a selection co-ordinated by Daniel Dragomirescu of Orizont Literar Contemporan in the Bibliotheca Universalis series - and translated by Diana-Alexandra Mircea and Elena Ţăpean.

  • Alien Driftwood in Spanish
    Cover artist Douglas Lipton
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  • Alien Driftwood/El Leño Flotador Extranjero

    Alien Driftwood/El Leño Flotador Extranjero The same selection of poems as in the BU/Orizont Literar Contemporan Romanian-English edition above, translated here for Spanish-speaking readers by Diana Dragomirescu.